Adult Athletics

Pooler Adult Men’s Basketball runs from August-October. For more information please contact Chris Kirby at 748-5776 ext 703.

First teams who pay play in the league.

Pooler Recreation Men’s Basketball League Rules and Regulations

Any rule not addressed here will be covered by the GHSA rule book.


  • NO FIGHTING. Any player involved in a fight will be banned from the rec. dept. premises.
  • NO PROFANITY. The game officials will issue technical fouls for players using profanity. If a player continues to use profanity he will be ejected from the game and will be removed from the premises. Any player ejected from a game will sit out that game and one additional game. The recreation department can ban any player from the facilities if they decide that player is endangering someone or is causing too many problems in general. Please remember the recreation department is a children’s facility.


  • GAME CLOCK: The games will consist of two twenty minute halves with a running clock. The clock will stop the last two minutes of the game on dead ball situations and timeouts.
  • TIMEOUTS: 3 full timeouts and 2 thirty sec. timeouts.
  • MERCY RULE: The clock will not stop the last two minutes of the game if someone is leading by twenty points.
  • UNIFORMS: Players on each team must wear the same color jersey or t-shirt with a number on the back. If a team does not have matching jerseys with numbers the rec. dept. will issue pull over jerseys and the team will return them after the game.
  • OVERTIME: Overtime will consist of a four minute running clock with the clock stopping the last minute on dead ball situations. If the game is still tied after the second overtime the game will be ruled a tie.


  • All rosters must be turned in at the league’s coaches meeting. Each team may have up to fifteen players on the roster. Teams will not be allowed to pick up players after the fifth game of the season. The director may allow a team to pick up a player if a team loses several players to injury or other circumstances. Players will not be allowed to switch teams at any point once the season starts.